Tuesday, January 10, 2012

on track!

well, i guess i'm still on track with my pinterest resolution (hey, 10 days might be a record for me). technically, i've already executed 2 pinterest ideas. so i am OFFICIALLY upping my resolution to once a week. TA DA:

last week's pins (both recipes) turned out great. i gotta say... i follow a lot of people who have tried pinterest recipes that have ended in complete disaster. i've made so many, and that have never failed to meet my expectations. 

(sidenote: i also feel weird referring to them as "pinterest recipes"because they have nothing to do with pinterest... someone made them, posted them on their blog, and then all of a sudden you can find it on pinterest. but, you know, its easier to refer to, so i'll probably keep doing it...)

1. Creamy Honey Lime Enchiladas!
omygoshdelicious. i had to brag and discuss the recipe in detail with my friend beka on gchat the next day. it made so much we froze some... and my mouth is watering as i anticipate the day we can defrost and have the rest (hubz doesnt like the same meal more than twice in a row. i guess that makes sense...). 

GUYS. make this ... i mean it involves whipping cream. yumtown.

2. Adult Milkshakes (i know, right?!)
i actually saw this idea on a friend's board. it was for a weight watchers version of a cookies and cream milkshake. i didn't really follow the recipe... but i got the idea from pinterest so it counts, right???
okay, so i took the idea of this drink and basically added baileys. my thoughts are as follows:
1. i guess this isn't healthy anymore?
2. i need to stop buying the cheap oreos...

and since i've made them, i've been wanting to add baileys to everything. bailey, boy - you are fiiiiiine.

next on the list - that dang kindle sleeve. in fact... i may just do that now...


Carleigh said...

make me something!! like a logo for my pics. If I say it's from Pinterest, would that count?

Seriously though--both look super yummy!!

Carleigh said...