Sunday, March 4, 2012


hello blog world! how i've missed you.

i wish i had time to blog everyday. i am envious of you who are organized and disciplined enough to get your real work done so you have time to blog. maybe one day i will be you! :)

to all of my 700  30 something followers, i am closing this little blog indefinitely (well, it will still be here, but i won't !). i loved documenting life during my first years of marriage, living on camp. i still love it. but as you know... i've started this little thing called a photography business. and i am SO excited to document other marriages! i have lots of things coming up this year and i want to be able to focus on my goals for the new endeavor.

so. if you still like me or are remotely interested in what i do, feel free to catch me at:

in a little while, i will be doing some personal posts reminiscent of the jordan jive. and of course there will be plenty of eye candy.

did i need to do this post? not really. usually the signal for ending a blog is... not posting. duh, right? but it helps me by tangibly closing this section and open a new one. plus, it helps me peace out from insecurity that people think i'm a bad blogger! :)

have a great end of your weekend, friends!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

food, son. na, na, na, na.

okay team. tomorrow wraps up a 14 day juice/fruits/veggies cleanse. PARTY.

it all started with this:
>>Click to watch preview<<

so basically, this guy gets way healthier, loses weight, etc.. by doing a juice fast (juicing fresh fruits and veggies). i totally fell for it, bought the juicer, and began my 10 day juice fast. i learned several things. the main thing being:

i hate juicing vegetables

with or without fruit added into the juice, i hate it. so the juicing lasted for a week. then i ate just fruits and veggies for another week. tomorrow (friday), i END THE MISERY!

before i move onto the exciting things to come, here is what i experienced:
1. i am now convinced of the benefit and necessity to eat more nonprocessed foods. i'll get on a soapbox about it if you let me. 
2. i lost weight
3. i was EXCRUCIATINGLY tempted.
4. i have more energy and less lethargy than ever - in my life!
5. i have less headaches. i get them almost every other day, usually.
6. it is easier to wake up in the morning.
7. i learned to like veggies more. not all of them, mind you. but i was an avid veggie hater before. who knew i liked broccoli? i didn't.

that said, my plan is to continue eating as many nonprocessed/sugary foods as possible (moderation of course). i am going to attempt the impossible.... eating clean while maintaining a decent grocery budget. i'm scared! I'm especially thankful for the gracious pantry. i am actually looking forward to the recipes and the options available and still eating clean!

anyway. what i've REALLY been thinking about for the past two weeks is:

popcorn. pepperoni and pineapple pizza. thin mint frozen custard from andy's. bagels. pecan sticky buns. cream cheese frosting. pizza crescent roll ups. enchiladas. bailey's. newk's q sandwich. cannoli. 

if you follow me on pinterest, you probably saw an increase in the amount of food i pinned. call it my coping mechanism. or call it lust. either way, i won't be eating any of these for a while. so bring on the pins!

p.s. - i turn 24 on saturday. twenty four. as i almost 25. as in almost 30. yes i'm a christian, trust the Lord, and am TERRIFIED of dying and aging. bring back 21. now that was a fun age. i could hang out there a little longer.

(or "lates" as my huzband likes to abrev)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

on track!

well, i guess i'm still on track with my pinterest resolution (hey, 10 days might be a record for me). technically, i've already executed 2 pinterest ideas. so i am OFFICIALLY upping my resolution to once a week. TA DA:

last week's pins (both recipes) turned out great. i gotta say... i follow a lot of people who have tried pinterest recipes that have ended in complete disaster. i've made so many, and that have never failed to meet my expectations. 

(sidenote: i also feel weird referring to them as "pinterest recipes"because they have nothing to do with pinterest... someone made them, posted them on their blog, and then all of a sudden you can find it on pinterest. but, you know, its easier to refer to, so i'll probably keep doing it...)

1. Creamy Honey Lime Enchiladas!
omygoshdelicious. i had to brag and discuss the recipe in detail with my friend beka on gchat the next day. it made so much we froze some... and my mouth is watering as i anticipate the day we can defrost and have the rest (hubz doesnt like the same meal more than twice in a row. i guess that makes sense...). 

GUYS. make this ... i mean it involves whipping cream. yumtown.

2. Adult Milkshakes (i know, right?!)
i actually saw this idea on a friend's board. it was for a weight watchers version of a cookies and cream milkshake. i didn't really follow the recipe... but i got the idea from pinterest so it counts, right???
okay, so i took the idea of this drink and basically added baileys. my thoughts are as follows:
1. i guess this isn't healthy anymore?
2. i need to stop buying the cheap oreos...

and since i've made them, i've been wanting to add baileys to everything. bailey, boy - you are fiiiiiine.

next on the list - that dang kindle sleeve. in fact... i may just do that now...

Monday, January 2, 2012

the time has come for the standard blog post where i reflect on great moments from 2011 and post about my resolutions for 2012.

wellllll, i kinda hated 2011. so, i'm going to skip the reflecting and move on to 2012. mmkay?

i have 3 resolutions:

1. Read a minimum of 12 books this year. i have no clue which ones... i'd like to read ones that will come out as movies so i can read and see it. any recs? me and my book club (you heard me) are reading extremely loud and incredibly close and i am loving it so far.

2. Do a Pinterest project or recipe twice a month. my first project plan: kindle sleeve. what's that you say... you want to follow me on pinterest? here ya go:

3. Blog more. self explanatory.

i'm just sayin - i'm really proud of my humor and food boards. i'm a little snobbish about it.

and a few other things i want to do more of in 2012:

laugh more. love often. live well.

ha. GAG.

but on a less cheesy note, i would love to live this verse out in the new year.

until next time (which very well could be march...)

p.s. - my mother introduced me to jim gaffigan (sp?) youtube him now.

Monday, November 21, 2011

photo recap and dessert!

sometimes, i don't blog. sometimes, i do!

1. baby noah 
2. jill and baby cannon
3. my parents
4. duh-town

-i'm newly obsessed with gossip girls. feel free to judge. i'm 16 all over again!
-i will be making a turkey-free thanksgiving this year. we all know its about the carbs. turkey is boring.
-just finished reading The Firm (john grisham) and i could. not. put. it. down. movie on netflix queue now.
-i hate myself for wanting to see breaking dawn.
-this week i made avalanche bars - you need to do this also. the sooner, the better.
-sister in law got married. i was jealous of her cabo trip. take me back to mexico nooooooow
-cleaning. the poor person's way to making your house look cuter.
-i think ashton kutcher is unattractive. and kind of an idiot.
-also, i'm not mad about bradley cooper being the sexiest man of the year. and picketing? i'm sure there are better things to do with your time.
-get ready for this drank: ginger ale, cider, bourbon. 

those of you who have the entire week of for thanksgiving, i envy you. those of you attending the final A&M vs. UT game, i envy you. but enjoy it! i will enjoy cooking a million things for two people. and then blogging about it. duh. :)