Thursday, January 26, 2012

food, son. na, na, na, na.

okay team. tomorrow wraps up a 14 day juice/fruits/veggies cleanse. PARTY.

it all started with this:
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so basically, this guy gets way healthier, loses weight, etc.. by doing a juice fast (juicing fresh fruits and veggies). i totally fell for it, bought the juicer, and began my 10 day juice fast. i learned several things. the main thing being:

i hate juicing vegetables

with or without fruit added into the juice, i hate it. so the juicing lasted for a week. then i ate just fruits and veggies for another week. tomorrow (friday), i END THE MISERY!

before i move onto the exciting things to come, here is what i experienced:
1. i am now convinced of the benefit and necessity to eat more nonprocessed foods. i'll get on a soapbox about it if you let me. 
2. i lost weight
3. i was EXCRUCIATINGLY tempted.
4. i have more energy and less lethargy than ever - in my life!
5. i have less headaches. i get them almost every other day, usually.
6. it is easier to wake up in the morning.
7. i learned to like veggies more. not all of them, mind you. but i was an avid veggie hater before. who knew i liked broccoli? i didn't.

that said, my plan is to continue eating as many nonprocessed/sugary foods as possible (moderation of course). i am going to attempt the impossible.... eating clean while maintaining a decent grocery budget. i'm scared! I'm especially thankful for the gracious pantry. i am actually looking forward to the recipes and the options available and still eating clean!

anyway. what i've REALLY been thinking about for the past two weeks is:

popcorn. pepperoni and pineapple pizza. thin mint frozen custard from andy's. bagels. pecan sticky buns. cream cheese frosting. pizza crescent roll ups. enchiladas. bailey's. newk's q sandwich. cannoli. 

if you follow me on pinterest, you probably saw an increase in the amount of food i pinned. call it my coping mechanism. or call it lust. either way, i won't be eating any of these for a while. so bring on the pins!

p.s. - i turn 24 on saturday. twenty four. as i almost 25. as in almost 30. yes i'm a christian, trust the Lord, and am TERRIFIED of dying and aging. bring back 21. now that was a fun age. i could hang out there a little longer.

(or "lates" as my huzband likes to abrev)

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Carleigh said...

We might be the same person.

I am trying out a dairy and egg free diet for a few weeks.

I have juiced before--after seeing fat sick and nearly dead--but juicing made me realllll sick.

I am also dreaming of all the dairy, etc that I will be able to eat in a few weeks :)

We only eat local/responsible meat now (as a result of seeing soooo many food documentaries and reading books by Michael Pollan sp?)

Very interesting!!