Monday, January 2, 2012

the time has come for the standard blog post where i reflect on great moments from 2011 and post about my resolutions for 2012.

wellllll, i kinda hated 2011. so, i'm going to skip the reflecting and move on to 2012. mmkay?

i have 3 resolutions:

1. Read a minimum of 12 books this year. i have no clue which ones... i'd like to read ones that will come out as movies so i can read and see it. any recs? me and my book club (you heard me) are reading extremely loud and incredibly close and i am loving it so far.

2. Do a Pinterest project or recipe twice a month. my first project plan: kindle sleeve. what's that you say... you want to follow me on pinterest? here ya go:

3. Blog more. self explanatory.

i'm just sayin - i'm really proud of my humor and food boards. i'm a little snobbish about it.

and a few other things i want to do more of in 2012:

laugh more. love often. live well.

ha. GAG.

but on a less cheesy note, i would love to live this verse out in the new year.

until next time (which very well could be march...)

p.s. - my mother introduced me to jim gaffigan (sp?) youtube him now.


Katy {and Kahler} said...

sooo. i was actually blog-stalking you the other day, just in case my reader had a glitch and you had been posting but i wasn't getting updated. ;)

happy to see this. and jim gaffigan. YES. we quote his hot pocket thing (skit? act? you speech people know the name for those....) all the time.

live well, becca.
live well.

katie burns said...


I just read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and it is coming out as a movie this spring. I read it in a weekend and loved it! :)