Sunday, March 4, 2012


hello blog world! how i've missed you.

i wish i had time to blog everyday. i am envious of you who are organized and disciplined enough to get your real work done so you have time to blog. maybe one day i will be you! :)

to all of my 700  30 something followers, i am closing this little blog indefinitely (well, it will still be here, but i won't !). i loved documenting life during my first years of marriage, living on camp. i still love it. but as you know... i've started this little thing called a photography business. and i am SO excited to document other marriages! i have lots of things coming up this year and i want to be able to focus on my goals for the new endeavor.

so. if you still like me or are remotely interested in what i do, feel free to catch me at:

in a little while, i will be doing some personal posts reminiscent of the jordan jive. and of course there will be plenty of eye candy.

did i need to do this post? not really. usually the signal for ending a blog is... not posting. duh, right? but it helps me by tangibly closing this section and open a new one. plus, it helps me peace out from insecurity that people think i'm a bad blogger! :)

have a great end of your weekend, friends!

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